In the last years a growing number of players tend to favour the massive effect of the large-scale battles at the price of loosing the detail of the individual figure. Therefore, a scale almost forgotten, 6 mm, its currently experiencing a boom.


At first glance the 6mm figures are tiny, especially when compared to the most used 28 mm. They seem little detailed, difficult to paint and very little showy.





This change as complete units are compared. That's when the 6mm wins adherents. The units are no longer made up of 10 or 20 figures, to be by 50, 100 or more, much more resembling real units.

The effect multiplies when comparing complete armies: 100-200 figures in one of 28mm army, 400-600 in 15mm and 1.000-2.000 in one of 6mm.

In addition, new possibilities for the stenography arise: Forests are no longer a group of isolated trees to become real forests, towns are no longer a couple of isolated farms but walled cities, with other towns in the vicinity, hills recovered a height credible compared to the miniatures, streams become rivers.


When it comes to paint miniatures, people who test for the first time 6mm gets surprised by the speed and ease with which they manage to complete the units without losing hours painting the buttons of trousers of a soldier. What counts in the paint 6mm is the effect of the whole unit, not the detail of the individual miniature.


The price is of course a great argument in favour of 6mm. Each figure costs about the 6-8 cents. With approximately 100 euros is possible to organize an army of over 1500 figures, more than enough for the first game.


6mm is the scale that at a low cost in time and money allows leave behind small skirmishes to move to real battles.


The three best known brands in 6mm are Heroic & Ross, Irregular Miniatures and Baccus.

Heroic & Ros is the most common and the only one that keeps the true scale of 6mm throughout its range. Its figures are slender and very realistic, although they may be somewhat fragile.

Irregular Miniatures produces a range of 6mm that lives up to its name, highly irregular. Some references rub the 8mm, others are poor acst and design, while others have a look superb. Once known good references, these are excellent. It has a wide range of buildings and accessories.

The newest of the three is Baccus. Although officially is 6mm, the figures are really 8mm, so that their compatibility, especially with Heroic & Ross, can be difficult. It is a style less sleek than the others, but more detailed.


The three brands offer extensive collections covering all historical periods, from ancient times until the Second World War.







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